Car Glass Replacement

Traffic situation on the road has become worst. There are many instance while you are driving and a stone hits your car glass from nowhere. It cause a great pain as damage either need repair or a car glass replacement. Deteriorating law and order some times leads to car glass breakage by Burglar. Its your heard earned money that is at stake at each time as all damages are not repairable.

Some common Non reparable Car glass damages

  1. Any tempered glass breakage like door glass or rear window glass.
  2. Damage at corners of a car windshield.
  3. Any damage in direct line of sight of driver.
  4. Damage over Rain or light sensor holder.
  5. Any damage from inside.
  6. Long cracks in windshield
  7. Contaminated cracks

In any of the above cases, you don’t have an option but to get a new windshield. Auto Glass Masters offer complete range of windshields from all know brands like AIS, Saint-Gobain, Pilkington, Guardian, AGC Automotive, PGW.

Car Glass Replacement

Things to remember for Car Glass Replacement

Replacing a car glass is a critical process. As your cars structural integrity depends on correct installation. All our technicians are well trained and experienced and can handle all types of cars Indian as well as Imported. Here are some important points regarding Car glass replacement.

  1. Selection of Glass : The brand and quality of the glass is the most important thing to consider. Your car glass is a vital component and form your cars structural strength. You should not compromise with the glass quality for few bucks. At Auto Glass Masters we always suggest to use Original Equipment or at least its Aftermarket part of same supplier.
  2. Selection of Correct Adhesive : The bonding material for your car glass is as important as the glass itself. It keeps the glass bonded with your car body in case of a mishap. You must use only Automotive graded Poly-urethene for bonding purpose. Unbranded sealent or Silicon can cause permanent damage to car body. It can cause rusting. So we recommend only high quality urethene like AIS Betaseal, Sika Titan or 3M polyurethene.
  3. Correct Workshop : While going for a glass replacement, you should chose your workshop carefully. As windshield replacement needs specialized tools and industry specific safety standards. Now a days cars have many sensors embedded on its windshield. These are part of your cars Driver Assistance systems  or Anti-collision systems. If these systems are not installed properly with the new windshield, it can be fatal in case of an emergency.

Car Glass Replacement Process

At Auto Glass Masters we have a standard procedure for Replacing a new windshield. We use industry best practice to keep the high quality and workmanship standards. Some of the steps are:

  1. Covering Cars interior parts like Dash-board to avoid any damage to cars interior.
  2. Removing Car Glass Wipers using specialized tools.
  3. Removing Sensors embedded on the windshield.
  4. Cutting damaged windshield with the help of cutter and long blade or knife.
  5. Removing old Urethene from car body and cleaning it.
  6. Applying Body primer to fill any kind of damage to car body. It helps to avoid rusting in future.
  7. Applying Automotive grade PU Sealant on the car body.
  8. Installation of new windshield  on car, using specialized windshield lifters to avoid any kind of mis-installation.
  9. Installing Wipers and other car fittings.

After these process, Your new windshield is ready. But your car need at least 2 hours before you can drive. Driving time can be different based on the Sealant used.

Conclusion : We always suggest our customers to go for branded car windshield and Sealant to avoid any kind of mishap in case of emergency. Visit any of Auto Glass Masters center for more info or call us at 9278783578.