Car Glass Repair

With the pace of today’s modern life, Cars have become an integral part of our life. Automotive engineers have focused their efforts at comfort and safety of occupant. Now a days, cars are not only means of transport. They offer unparalleled safety and comfort. All cars have some standard safety features. Seat Belt, Windshield, Air Bags are some of the common safety features. Cars also have Anti-braking system, Anti-collision Systems, Night-vision, Infra-red systems and many other sensors. Out of these sensors many are situated at your car windshield. Hence, in case of any damage it is very important to go for windshield car glass repair or replacement.

Why Car Glass Repair is Important ?

As per car manufacturers, Car windshield is one of the critical part. If your car got some kind of damage during any trip, you should not avoid it. Your family safety depends on the integrity of car windshield. Your windscreen may got cracked due to a stone or a bud on a regular trip. As it is laminated, you may think of ignoring it. It may save you some time or money. But it can leads to more complex problems. Some of these are:

  1. A broken windshield can leads to water leakage into cabin during rain or car washing.
  2. Stone chip or crack may seems small, but it can grow large on a hot day and can go beyond repair.
  3. In case of any mishap, a damaged windshield may collapse. It could prove fatal.
  4. As many of safety sensors like lane departure sensor, infra-red camera, light and rain sensor are embedded on windshield, due to crack it may not work properly when needed.

Advantage of Car Glass repair

Car Glass Repair

  1. Cost Effective : Car glass is very cost effective as compared to a new car windshield. It saves your hard earned money. Only you need to take right decision at right time.
  2. Save Time : Repairing a car glass takes only 20-3o minutes while replacement can take 2-3 hours. So its always wise to opt for automotive glass repair technology.
  3. Windshield Strength : A repaired windshield is as safe as a new windshield. New repair resigns provide integral strength to the car glass. So we recommend you to go for repair until replacement is the last option. All cracks and chips don’t need a replacement. Most of them are repairable.
  4. Car Seal : A crack windshield if not repaired leaves your car vulnerable to noise, water and dust. You may not notice initially. In the long time a cracked windshield and vibrations due to it affects cars structural integrity.
  5. Helps Environment : Your decision to go for windshield repair can help environment conservation. As you know windshield is made up to many chemicals and processes. If you don’t go for replacement each time, you help environment by not letting unnecessary discharge of waste.

Windshield Repair Process

Your car windshield is made up of two glass layers sandwiched through a Plastic or Poly layer. This layer helps to stop your windshield from shattering if met with an accident. It also gives us the opportunity to repair some cracks on upper glass surface. Steps to repair a windshield crack:

  1. Removal of debris from the crack
  2. Removal of air from crack by using a vacuum suction device
  3. Injecting the resign into the crack through injection which fills the crack area
  4. Curing the resin through Ultra Violet Light
  5. Removing excess resign from the crack

Once the crack is repaired the strength is restored and has 90-95% of clarity as of new windshield.

Conclusion : You Should go for a car glass repair on time if you want to avoid further damage to your car windshield. It also help to retain your cars security features.